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baarch, LEED GA

Believed to have been designed by the greek revivalist Thomas Lewinski (c. 1800 - 1881), ward hall is one of Kentucky's most significant historic homes, often cited by architecture historian Clay Lancaster. Ward Hall has been referred to as "the finest place in Kentucky at that time, a veritable palace surrounded by a fairy garden." Before my involvement in the project, no accurate drawings of the building existed. ward hall was built for Junius Ward just before the civil war, and since then has stood as a landmark in georgetown, kentucky. It was purchased in 2004 by the ward hall preservation foundation, rescuing it from destruction by nearby development.

As the principal member of a small group under the direction of Anthony Eardley, ARIBA, FRAIC, Hon. AIA., I measured and documented every aspect of ward hall's construction, eventually compiling a set of twenty-one drawings for the ward hall preservation foundation: a perspective, site plan, building plans, sections, and elevations in both their present and restored states. these drawings will be used to move forward with and complete building restoration along with some new construction nearby, to provide detailed building information to visitors, and to generate revenue through the sale of prints.

Images © 2009 by the Ward Hall Preservation Foundation.
Used by Permission.

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