geof bell

baarch, LEED GA

critic: Drura Parrish

When architecture is increasingly conceived as a multi-disciplinary practice that is not limited to, and which does not always culminate in a physical building, through what means can we critique design? the Louden + Lime project addresses this question through form, and how that form affects and responds to abstract ideas such as community, and the concrete necessities of function. The form, an extruded structure, serves as an infrastructure for plant growth, community development, and food production. As an infrastructure, it transforms an area - an urban parking lot, a dense city block, even a desert settlement - turning austere melancholy to lush verdure.

Louden + Lime creates value for a community development project through the production of food from the plant life that grows in and around the structures. Food is at the center of daily life. In the same way, the food produced by the structures and the flora-life of the vegetation becomes the center of the community life that is cultivated by the insertion of these structures into the urban environment. The combination of plant life, human life, and community life, the seeds of which are planted here and fertilized over time, establishes a place of gathering, of connecting, and learning, growing a new urban ecology, ever changing and creating new life.

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