geof bell

baarch, LEED GA

lifta: permanent impermanence

Critic: Craig Konyk, Principal, Konyk Architecture PC

Lifta Village, Jersalem

"Space becomes that material embodiment of a matrix of forces, manifested across the landscape in the construction of roads, hilltop settlements, development towns and garden suburbs."

Eyal Weizman, A Civilian Occupation (2003)

The landscape of Jerusalem is an ongoing cycle of construction and erasure, building up in layers over millenia. As the city is conquered and reconquered over the years, each new power has had to find a way to deal with the remains of the past civilizations. Any new construction or preservation was thus an inherently political act, in which new urban form collides with existing remnants in opposition to the past, converges and reinforces those remains, or simply overlays and ignores any previous urban form in favor of the new.

Image, Right:
Lifta: Stereoscopic Vision Exhibition, May 2014

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