geof bell

baarch, LEED GA

At the rim I paused and waved to my companion, then i scrambled over the edge and stood upright, staring ahead of me. you must understand that until this very moment I had been almost completely convinced that there could be nothing strange or unusual for me to find here. almost, but not quite; it was that haunting doubt that had driven me forward. Well, it was doubt no longer, but the haunting had scarcely begun.

Arthur C. Clarke, The Sentinel

These are a series of installations for the University of Kentucky's South Farm. Jutting from the ground to various heights, they seem simultaneously alien and yet at home in the landscapes that they are planted in. They are meant to be mysterious, their purpose ambiguous. They call attention to the landscape that surrounds them, marking specific places of interest within the farm that would otherwise go unnoticed. By their very vagueness they force visitors to contemplate, to think about where they are and what is around them. In this way they are meant to be a sort of completion of the landscape. Unnatural yes, but eventually they become part of the nature, as much as the rocks, grass, and trees that surround them.

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