geof bell

baarch, LEED GA

"Embedded Information: Dehydrating Flower"
Year: 2011
Critic: Philip Parker
ink and watercolor on mylar

Envisioning the embedded information in the trajectories of a flower's subsytems over time (lines, surfaces, color). The base image that emerges is the transformation and mutation of the structural systems of the plant as they decay.

A choreographed system is arranged to which the plant responds; environmental factors (transpiration, evaporation, gravity, time) affect the structural form through (wilting, decay). LINE and graphic representation are exploited with an aim towards RADICAL INCLUSION; embedding the most information possible through drawing. The line allows a reading of time, texture, structure, boundaries, edges, flows, tensions, movements and containment; each change contains its own system of smaller changes within.

Through time, areas that are more constant become more apparent; more transient elements (weaker, less structural) of the flower appear lighter and more blurred.

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