geof bell

baarch, LEED GA

A cemetery has the unique condition of existing at the point where life and death converge. A place where the life of a person can at once be celebrated and mourned, a place to rest and remember. This cemetery plot, sited in an intimate corner of Louisville's Cave Hill Cemetery, serves as a monument to the lives of its residents, where the living can contemplate their own lives and mortality, as an integral part of life's journey.

Every journey must eventually come to an end, and this one does symbolically in a well at the end of a long path-way. The journey begins under a massive canopy that emphasizes the horizon; a low slab overlooks the expanse of the grounds. Water cascades down a supporting column, to begin its own journey as it flows along the length of the grounds. It separates into two channels, which line the primary walking path, symbolic of the fine lane that we travel along throughout our lives. The channel terminates at a small well and reflecting pool, creating a moment for contemplative reflection.

Several secondary walking paths allow visitors two meander and find their own way through the yard, providing the means for each person to have a unique experience every time they visit. Much of the area is enclosed by a lattice-work, constructed of cor-ten steel, which follows the general path across the grounds. Over time, these will be taken over by vines, and will be allowed to weather, emphasizing concepts of time and life.

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