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bronx artisanal food manufactury
The Bronx Artisanal Food Manufacturing Building is designed to turn the production of food into an event, a destination building where the public can view the production of artisanal food and enjoy the fruits of that production in the same space.

Robert Condon,
Architect, SAMOO and
Russ Davies, Director of Engineering,
SHoP Construction Services, LLC.

The primary materials, weathered steel and cast-in-place concrete, express the industrial nature of the building, while the subtle curves of the façade produce a contrasting lightness, a thin veil over the heavy mass of the concrete structure. This provides unity to the façade, obscuring and blurring the transitions between mass and void.

The louvers are constructed of long rolls of CORTEN steel, arrayed horizontally on the north and south façades, and vertically on the east and west. This allows the louvers to control the direct solar gain at its most intense angles. A series of pivoting brackets affix the louvers to built-up H-beams, which are perforated for aesthetic appearance when viewed from within the building. The brackets connect to the louvers at an interval of 5 feet on center, to match the mullion array. The H-Beams are anchored to the building every 14 feet, at each floor slab, using Z-clips to reduce thermal bridging.

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